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There’s so much happening behind the scenes of LYFE to ensure that you get the highest quality and best performing skincare possible. We believe that providing ethical products to ensure the sustainability of our planet must be front and centre on our agenda.  We’ve outlined the key features below that reflect our commitment to you and our mother earth. Have a look at things that matter for you and are good for the environment.

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Plant-based natural organic clean formulas

All our formulas are made of ingredients from mother nature, we don't add any artificial ingredients. Our clean formulations do not contain any of those nasties that some commercial brands add to their products.

Learn more about the baddies we don't nor will ever use.

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We don't mess with animals

We believe in respecting mother nature, and animals are an important part of it. All our products are 100% vegan, which means that none of them contain ingredients coming from animals or insects, neither in formulas nor in packaging materials.

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One of the worst problems of modern "civilization" is how our planet is suffering from the constant abuse of industrial and commercial brands. We believe we can lead by example and develop products that are ethical and sustainable. Hence, all our products are Palm-oil free and parabens-free, we source responsibly and close to production origin so that we make sure to have a lower carbon footprint.

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We believe in the kindness of plant-based ingredients provided by our planet that are outstanding to mix and achieve high performing products, we can do this without having to test them in animals or insects. Several commercial well re-known brands, unfortunately, do test on animals, actually testing in animals is a pre-requisite to selling in Asia, so if you see a brand selling in Asia, you know it's been tested in animals.

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Our preference for product packaging is to use recyclable components. For this matter we prefer to use containers made of glass or aluminum over plastic. We only use plastic for our dispensers, but these are recycled more than once. We also make our retail box packaging of recycled cardboard and vegetable ink colours. .

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Hand-made (Artisanal) Manufacturing

With love and care we mix our formulas and fill our containers manually, this allows us to achieve consistency across every single product you receive. This also means that we deliver to you, the freshest products so that you enjoy the smooth textures and indulgent aromas in each of our formulations. It also means that we are a source of employment to the people working for us. We are proud to stay away from being industrial produced.

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Community Engagement

To us, engaging in social responsibility is a must. For this reason we give 5% of our profits to charities. These can be either animal shelters, cleaning oceans from plastic or land reforestation.

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Made in the U.K.

We are proud  of years of experience developing most loved formulations, and we never have, nor will, produce our formulations in Asia.

It’s not just about the products you’re buying. It’s about the entire experience to enjoy a great feeling in your skin, this is what we call "Skin happiness", at the same time doing it in a responsible way to the planet and engaging with the community, so that you just look-good and feel-great!  

Let's #PRESS_REBOOT for sustainable, high-performance skincare.

LYFE's commitment for the Planet

You Share, We Plant

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