• Headshot of beautiful trendy, alternative asian tween with multi-coloured red, and green short hair and glowing fresh skin smiling delicately at camera.

    Our Noble Purpose

Natural, organic, sustainable and high-performing skin care that is good to the planet.

At LYFE, our Purpose is to make young people feel happy and look awesome with the best performing, vegan, natural organic plant-based personal care products that really work and are better to the planet. Our vision for a “Better Plant-based Future” aims to drive positive change in young people's health, their daily lives, and the impact that our business has on the planet.

We believe in skin care products that really work, using the best ingredients that mother nature can provide, that are harmless to animals, combined with formulations developed by skin care experts and 100% recyclable packaging. This way we make sure that teens feel great, look awesome, and contribute to a better, cleaner, and happier planet.  

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