You Share, We Plant


This is Why we do it.

Deforestation accounts for about 17% of Climate Change. We can’t pretend to win the fight against Climate Change without stopping Deforestation”​​.

“We need to plant 4 billion trees annually for the next 10 years just to revert the deforestation we’ve done in the last decade”.

Maxime Renaudin, Tree-Nation’s Founder & Director

Photo of radiant plant in a field.

Planting trees to offset our carbon-dioxide print

As a brand that puts sustainability at the heart of our agenda, we chose to manufacture our products with materials that are better for the planet. For example, besides our natural organic formulations, we use glass in most containers of our products. We also use recycled cardboard for our retail packaging. However, we have an incredible appreciation for what trees offer that can be impacted by our business. For this reason, planting more trees in the world is a natural decision for us. We also know that as an online retailer, operating our business has an impact on the planet - right down to shipping your skincare product to you. That’s why we’ve committed to planting a tree for every order you place in our webshop, along with our commitment to continually make our operations kinder to the planet with continued education and innovation. 

CO2 offset by Reforestation Projects

We are committed to planting additional trees to offset the CO2 created by the running of our small business. As we grow, the number of trees we plant will too.
CO2 emissions hugely contribute to climate change. Trees have a critical job to balance oxygen & CO2 levels. With deforestation across the world more CO2 is released into the atmosphere, causing devastating effects on our planet. Rising temperatures contribute to rising sea levels, with warmer ocean temperatures threatening wildlife & leading to extinction.
We accept our responsibility to work towards offsetting our emissions and fighting climate change.

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This is HOW we do it!

For every placed order in our site, we plant 1 tree on your behalf. Well, you plant your own; you’ll receive a web link after you placed your order so that you can plant your tree (without getting your hands dirty) and learn more about the species you’ve planted, why it’s needed, which one of our chosen projects you’ve contributed to and exactly where your tree is located - awesome isn't it?

In a bid to offset our CO2 and to play our part in the fight against climate change, we’ve partnered with our amazing friends at Tree-Nation to support their incredible forestry efforts in ten different tree-planting projects globally.

This is How it comes to LYFE!

Once you pay for you order, you'll receive an email that will look like the image to the left and will contain a link that will take you to our tree nation page where you can plant your tree

Once you've planted your tree, you will see this page. Your tree is planted! You can leave us a message, read about the species of tree you planted, its CO2 offset and what planting project you contributed to.

Lastly, you can also download your own tree certificate with all the information and "Bragg your commitment" with our planet!

About Tree Nation

Tree-Nation gathers and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide in a unique platform, enabling every citizen, company and planter to take action.

Tree-Nation is a home to 255 planting projects from 33 differents countries. They use Tree-Nation to share with you their stories and get help in their journey to reforest the world.

Our small effort against climate change by planting trees.

LYFE's commitment for the Planet

You Share, We Plant

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