• Beautiful tween looking at mirror smiling with beautiful skin applying facial moisturiser in her left cheek.

    Say hello to natural organic skin care and goodbye to artificial ingredients

Say hello to natural organic skin care and goodbye to artificial ingredients

Your same feel-good skincare routine

+ clean products + kindness to the planet.

Probably the best natural, sustainable skin care designed for teens.

Not to sound weird, but we have been thinking on your face these days.

Sustainable skincare better for you and kind to the planet

Our commitment to sustainability

Natural, Organic, Vegan, Skincare for everyone

Ok, maybe we exaggerated a bit, it's not for everyone! ;)

Science-backed skincare formulations.

For a better + cleaner + happier PLANET for (almost) EVERYONE.


We are good-hearted people + care for the planet + vegan products + sustainable packaging

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Glass jar of LYFE facial day & night moisturiser 50 ml in a shiny mulit-couloured background.

Check-out our day & night face moisturiser

Protect your facial skin-barrier every day & night with natural + organic ingredients that will keep your glow!


"Love the product"

"...fresh, clean and soft! I have a very oily skin, after applying it to my skin it felt so soft! And last but not least: IT’S VEGAN!"


"Love the business philosophy"

"...and great product, if you’re in need for a smooth and fresh skin for the entire night."


"I really liked the product"

"...very soft on your skin and it smelled good. Also a flex that it’s for day and night. Would definitely recommend!"


I am a fan of the Night & Day Moisturiser!

"...after using it for a while I noticed that the red spots and the oiliness of my skin decreased. Yay!"


Great texture and fragrance

"The Day & Night moisturiser has a rich texture, most customers are very happy with that! It also smells very good! "

Nanouk Vreijsen (Dermatologist)

Join our eco-friendly tribe of skin-heroes.

Always feeling good @LYFEplanet.

LYFE's commitment for the Planet

You Share, We Plant

Discover our LYFE forest
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